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Real Estate Marketing Tips

June 15, 2012

Each newsletter includes a quick tip for real estate marketing. This is a compiled list of all of the tips from previous issues. There is a free online tool at that you can use to create quick stylized text graphics for use in your marketing. It isn’t the most polished of options for super […]

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Get Better Results with Real Estate Flyers

May 26, 2012
Seagull Flying - Technically it IS a flyer of a sort!

Stephen Garner, who writes for and runs MyTitleGuy, had a great post on updating the tried-and-true real estate flyer. He was kind enough to allow me to republish it here for your benefit. Stephen brings his usual directness and experience to the article and doesn’t hesitate to point out why the old designs just are […]

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Real Estate Checklists for Fun and Profit!

May 22, 2012
Real Estate Checklist

Real Estate Is A Strange Business The human side of the business requires compassion, openness, and a lot of emotional intelligence. In fact, most of your time is spent in those “soft” zones of human psychology and (if in escrow) perhaps human neurosis. Then you get a new listing or open an escrow and BAM! […]

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3 Quick, Easy Tasks to Trigger Your Real Estate Creativity

May 3, 2012

Rise Above Fighting Fires and Boost Your Creativity By Doing These Three Tasks I’m giving you a little homework today. Try to get it done by the end of the weekend. Approach this assignment with an open mind and a blank sheet of paper. The three tasks are each very different and focus on different […]

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Bricks and Mortar Real Estate Office Advertising

April 30, 2012

How is the return on investment from your office rent? Make it great! It was one of the best dollar-for-dollar marketing spends I made! Having an accessible and visible physical office location was one of my best methods of getting completely new customers. I see so many real estate offices that don’t take full advantage […]

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Is Your Real Estate Head Shot 10 Years Old? Update It!

April 20, 2012

Earlier today I found myself smiling awkwardly at a camera while standing between two “soft-boxes” and wondering whether any errant nose hairs were showing. Not my idea of fun! A necessary evil though because I need new pictures of my ugly mug. You probably do too. We’ve all seen the agents that have pictures from […]

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