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Stephen Garner, who writes for and runs MyTitleGuy, had a great post on updating the tried-and-true real estate flyer. He was kind enough to allow me to republish it here for your benefit. Stephen brings his usual directness and experience to the article and doesn’t hesitate to point out why the old designs just are not working in today’s real estate environment. If you are an agent in the Phoenx, AZ area I strongly recommend getting in on Stephen’s classes. If not, well, at least he shares his insights online!

So, without further ado, here is Stephen:

How To Use Real Estate Flyers To Get More Leads

How would you like to design a real estate flyer, print it, distribute it and have it work? When I say “work” I mean, get a lead?

It would be Awesome!

But why don’t real estate flyers work the way they “used” to? Could it be that it’s not the flyer’s fault but instead the problem lies with the user?

I call it user error.

In many cases it is not the marketing vehicle that is to blame but the real estate agent that created and distributed it.

So first let me TELL you how 99% of real estate agents use real estate flyers and then, SHOW YOU HOW you can use real estate flyers to improve traffic to your real estate website and therefore – leads.


Most failure with real estate flyers lies in the content. In 2005 and 2006 “Just Listed!” or “Just SOLD!” was great content. Why? Because consumers cared more than ever what their homes were worth. I like to say “even a blind poodle could sell real estate back then”, It didn’t take much to get a seller off the fence when they realized their properties went up 47%, nor did it take much to get a buyer to commit at the prospect of being “Priced Out Of The Market”.

But today? Uh, not so much.

Creating Awesome Real Estate Content

Today you need content just as good, just as compelling as the “Just Listed!” or the “Just SOLD!”. But what kind of content is that? In 2005 and 2006 this type of messaging worked because home values were on the minds of everyone. Everywhere you went: the grocery store, kids soccer games, PTA meetings, Church, EVERYONE was talking about their home values.

What is on the minds of homeowners today? Short Sale. Foreclosure. Avoiding Foreclosure. Short Sale Deficiency. Tax Liability. Home Values. HAFA, HAMO, TARP. These are just some of the things consumers care about.

So, should you just piece together a flyer with information about short sale or foreclosure, deficiency or home values and send it out?


In addition to rockstar real estate content, another way to get leads from a real estate flyer is by creating a compelling call to action. A call to action is something that encourages consumers to DO SOMETHING!

Call me! Click Here! Email Me! Subscribe! Watch The Video! Text. Tweet This. Share This. Connect With Me On Facebook. Fill Out The Form Below!

Whatever you do, Go BIG or Go HOME. Make it BIG and IMPOSSIBLE to not notice. Make it a different color or font size and even different shapes.

It’s not good enough to send out that same boring real estate flyer and expect consumers to TAKE ACTION. They have to be told WHAT to do, HOW to do it and the VALUE they will receive for doing it.

Where should that call to action go?

To your real estate website of course!

Create a page on your real estate website that is full of THE EXACT INFORMATION you promised the consumer in your real estate flyer. Nothing More, Nothing Less. Use a Gravity Form or other form of lead capture that consumers can fill out for more information. Use a Video! Video says more than text or a picture ever could.

If you have promised a way to avoid foreclosure have a video on that subject. Be empathetic. Identify with your audience. Tell a story.

“Ya know, In all my years of selling real estate, I have NEVER seen a market like this one. I am seeing good, hard working people lose their homes to foreclosure, good people that could have avoided the “F” word if they had only known. . . ., just last week I met with John & Lisa Smith. . . .” story continues.

Then use a URL shortener like or or or one of the others that offers the ability to TRACK THE NUMBER OF CLICKS your link gets. I like because you can customize the link. Instead of$ it could be

A customizable URL shortener will make your links easier to type into a browser and trackable links will tell you IF your real estate flyer is having its desired effect. If you are getting clicks and no leads, it could be a problem with your value statement or USP. After all, who has the time to type a URL into a web browser unless they are interested in learning more? Every visit usually indicates INTENT.

BTW: When the consumer is on your real estate website it is not JUST the article or VIDEO that they will be reading/watching, they can also [ready for this?] SEARCH FOR HOMES, DISCOVER MORE ABOUT YOU, YOUR EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE and VALUE to name a few. Now they are on your HUB – right where you want them. Did you notice where you are right now? uh yeah!

If you are going to spend your hard earned TIME and MONEY on a real estate flyer you can improve your success rate by focusing your real estate content on something your ideal client actually cares about. You can track the effect your real estate marketing is having with a URL shortener as well.

What are some other ways that you use real estate flyers to get leads? How do you use real estate flyers in your real estate business?

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