3 Quick, Easy Tasks to Trigger Your Real Estate Creativity

by Korak

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Rise Above Fighting Fires and Boost Your Creativity By Doing These Three Tasks

I’m giving you a little homework today. Try to get it done by the end of the weekend. Approach this assignment with an open mind and a blank sheet of paper. The three tasks are each very different and focus on different business areas of being an agent. As you do them, various random and related thoughts will cross your mind about your business. Your job is to briefly write down all the business ideas, to-do’s, and inspirations that cross your mind. Don’t worry about being picky. You can sort it all out afterward.

Task #1: Call a client from a deal that closed at least 6 months ago to ask for referrals.

It’s likely your client won’t have anyone off the top of their head for you to contact. That is OK. The main thing is to chat them up, hear how things are going, and offer them advice on any questions they have. You’re planting the seed. Hopefully in the days that follow they will think of possible connections for you. Toward the end of the call ask them if it would be all right if you mailed them a few business cards. (This gives you a second touch with the client when the cards arrive and business cards tend to lurk in purses and wallets to give away.)

Three questions to answer after the call:

  • How did that go?
  • What could you have said or worded in a better way during the conversation?
  • Was the call worth your time?

In addition to your examination of the call itself, what thoughts came to mind? Did you think of other clients you should contact in some way? Follow-up process improvements? Do you need to redesign your cards or get new real estate headshots?

Task #2: A Quick Analysis of Your Closed Transactions Over the Past 12 Months

Three points to consider as you look over your list are:

  • What lead source did the most closed deals come from?
  • What lead source did the best closed deals come from?
  • What is the simplest thing I can do to increase the leads from one of those sources?

Hopefully, seeing the names and addresses from the past year triggered some interesting thoughts. Remember any ideas you had at the time that were lost in the shuffle of daily tasks? Or are you spending money and energy on a lead source that is producing leads but not sales?

Task #3: Create a Plan of Action for the Most Important Thing you are Currently Procrastinating

Your plan of action will consist of two parts:

  • A complete list of small steps to complete the task
  • A method for completing the steps

Maybe commit to do doing one small step between each phone call. Or one step each day before you can eat lunch. Maybe you are procrastinating an uncomfortable phone call and you just have to pick up the phone and dial. Whatever it is, the task is to plan it.

I hope you remembered some other to-do’s that you’ve been burying lately. For me, procrastination drains energy in the background of my mind. Biting the bullet and getting them done would be ideal but in the absence of that kind of motivation, giving myself small, almost trivial steps can often help me get the ball rolling. Do you work the same way? Did your mind come up with any interesting objections to try to get you to avoid the task?

Now Wrap it Up

I hope that these three tasks directly produced some value for you. That stated, I’m most interested in the thoughts you collected during the process. By hitting totally different parts of your business like this the goal was to spark your mind across your business from a higher level. I hope that you came up with quite a few thoughts, inspirations, and forgotten but valuable to-do’s.

How did it go? I’d love to hear how it went for you so if you have a moment let me know!

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