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The following sites are consistent sources of useful and relevant information that can help you improve your real estate marketing. I review lots more sources of information but they aren’t consistently as good as those listed here so I just post the useful finds to the RealEstateMarketingHQ Twitter account. To see everything I discover on an ongoing basis just follow @REmarketingHQ on Twitter and stay up to date!

My Title Guy

This blog is written by Stephen Garner who is a former title rep who now works for Lawyer Title as their Director of Sales Technology (whatever that means) in Phoenix, AZ. In addition to teaching live classes, he writes tutorials and insights for real estate agents based on what he is seeing in his market. His how-to’s frequently focus on real estate marketing with video and he tells it like it is. Good stuff.

The Set Fee Real Estate Blog

Written and maintained by James Dingman who is the Chief Development Officer of Help-U-Sell. I’ve met James and he lives real estate day in and day out! While some of the posts are specific to franchises in his system, others offer good, sound advice on dealing with clients, marketing, and running a business. Obviously if you are part of Help-U-Sell you should be reading it but it also provides insights into the mindset of “set fee” businesses out there for you traditional brokerages and agents who are competing with them.


This site is a news roundup and summarizer. They cast a wide net and do a pretty good job of bringing new businesses and tools to my attention. They publish a lot of information! It can be a challenge to sift through it all to find the stuff that matters but I find they surface news I don’t see through other channels so it is worth the trouble to keep up with them.


Australian Darren Rowse has become one of those “internet gurus” who make their living writing about online business practices. There’s a reason for his success though. He produces good stuff! While his site is a general site based on blogging and not dedicated to real estate, the content very much applies to anyone blogging for real estate and looking to increase the traffic to their site or how engaged their community of readers is.


Brian Clark describes himself as a “recovering attorney” and he brings that same sense of humor and wit to writing about a dry topic. His blog is dedicated to teaching readers how to write more effective copy for any type of marketing but especially websites. Better headlines, articles, and calls to action are all covered. He also has updates with new findings and trends from the real world. This is really great stuff for you or your support staff to read in order to improve the results of your current marketing materials.

Know of some great resources I missed? Let me know through my contact form. I’d say leave it in the comments but I don’t want to get spammed that hard by hopefull marketers with junky sites!

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