Each newsletter includes a quick tip for real estate marketing. This is a compiled list of all of the tips from previous issues.

  1. There is a free online tool at cooltext.com that you can use to create quick stylized text graphics for use in your marketing. It isn’t the most polished of options for super classy stuff but works great for a quick option! In fact, I used it to create the vs. part of the graphic for this article.
  2. It’s a grim reality that right now there are a fair amount of homeowners holding garage sales to earn some cash to pay the bills or even because they anticipate foreclosure and are clearing out things they don’t need before a move. They may not know how a short-sale could buy them time AND help protect their credit. Do them a favor and let them know!
  3. When writing anything targeting consumers go through it and change any real estate jargon to words that clients use. For example normal people don’t list houses. The put houses up for sale. They don’t say a house has curb appeal. They say it looks great. Write for the audience as much as you can.
  4. The pictures taken by your cameras and even phones are almost always a higher resolution than you want online. Even after you resize pictures they almost certainly are full of unused information. I use a site called Smush It to solve this problem. Small picture files load faster so your clients and prospects are more likely to see the photos. Also, site speed is a factor in SEO. The faster your listing pages load the better. Speed them up!
  5. For the last year or so I’ve been using an online tool called Trello for organizing my to-do lists. This is different than tracking calls and follow-ups which should be done in your CRM. It lets me slide thoughts around, organize them in different ways and share them with team members. Check it out!
  6. It sounds obvious but a quick check of MLS pictures makes it clear that many agents don’t think of this. When taking listing pictures of kitchens take down all of the refrigerator magnets and clutter. In person it can be easy to overlook but in a picture it makes the kitchen seem cluttered and the refrigerator look smaller.
  7. A big challenge I have is getting distracted by emails, interesting links, news, etc. when I sit down to get to work. I found a little mental trick that really helps. Any time I have break in my work flow for some reason, I stop before I sit back down at my computer and decide what I’m going to do next. I know that sounds insignificant but already having my next action in mind keeps me from getting sidetracked. Maybe it will work for you too!
  8. Add a bright neon flag to each of your open house signs. The extra height will make them easier for drivers to see and by being different your signs will stand out and stick in the mind of prospects more easily. Most open house signs look pretty much the same so this is a way to stand out at a glance!
  9. If you find a marketing tool or channel that works profitably in your market push it until it breaks before exploring new options. How much can you scale it up? Do it. Once scaled up can you improve it to convert better? Do so. The truth is most marketing doesn’t work out. It sounds like it will but then it doesn’t. No one can tell you why. You were sure it would be awesome! So, if you find something that works, don’t distract yourself looking for the next thing to do too. Just focus like a laser on that golden goose until there isn’t anything more you can do with it. Don’t be afraid to do what works for you!
  10. Make laminated copies of both sides of your property fliers that go in your flyer boxes. Then, staple them directly to the post of the yard sign. If you run out of flyers the information is still available and the folks who just want to know the price for curiousity but have no real interest don’t have to throw away your flyer at the next trash can they see!
  11. Are you using Google Reader to keep up with the news in your market? If not, you should really check it out! Most blogs and news resources have an RSS feed option you can use to read all of their new posts without having to go the site. It’s a huge time saver for me!
  12. When you get a new signup for your drip campaign, in addition to the automatic response send a personal one. Do not cut and paste something generic but write with a reference to something current like the weather or local news. Even a short message shows that you are “real” and paying attention will help you stand out!

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