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by Korak

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Each newsletter includes a link or resource to share on social media to help with your real estate marketing. This is a compiled list of all of the links from previous issues.

  1. It is summer vacation season so 5 tips to Safely Book a Vacation Rental might be a good resource to share with your clients.
  2. This is an article entitled 4 Thing Homeowners Must Stop Doing which are all very down to earth and probably good for your clients to hear without it being you saying it!
  3. Water features are a great landscaping feature but the ponds can be a risk to children and increase insurance rates. This article on how to create Pondless Water Features might give your clients some neat inspiration.
  4. CNN Money just ran an article pointing out that Housing Affordability is Way Up which could be a good conversation starter with potential buyers.
  5. Zillow published an article called: Off-Beat Homes Perfect for the Off-Beat Personality and the homes featured are pretty entertaining! Fun for your clients to check out.
  6. This is a short article from InMan for your buyer prospects. 6 Signs a Home Will Hold Its Resale Value A bit of food for thought for them and perhaps a conversation starter for you!
  7. It’s always fun to see amazing houses, condos, and townhouses. Well Joan Rivers Manhattan Penthouse is for sale and it’s pretty fun to check out all the pictures of it!
  8. Spring has official sprung and in some areas it feels like summer. Here are 10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring from Inman.
  9. The national association of home builders released a list of 8 design trends for this year. It makes for an interesting but quick read and has some good eye-candy in the pictures.
  10. Lots of people are wondering if we have reached the bottom of the housing crisis. This Housing Affordability Infographic doesn’t answer the question but is good eye candy for anyone curious about the market situation!
  11. Martha Stewart has a Spring Cleaning Checklist that your clients can download, printout, and use this spring!
  12. The US government has an internet resource for homeowners to get information and learn. Maybe your clients and prospects would like to check it out! Homeowners Resources

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