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by Korak

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Feedburner is an awesome free tool from Google to manage the RSS feed on your website.

An RSS feed is created automatically by WordPress websites and many other website frameworks. What an RSS feed does is distribute your newest posts and articles to subscribers automatically without them having to visit your site.

In a way, it is a bit like friending someone on Facebook or following them on Twitter. When a prospect adds your RSS feed to their reader, every time you post something new they will automatically get it in their RSS reader. Feedburner gives you lots of options to help market your posts as well as manage your feed itself.

Reasons why you should setup Feedburner for your site or blog:

  • It is a “fire and forget” task. Once you set it up it works for you from then on without requiring more attention
  • It automatically adds social sharing options into your feed (Your default system probably doesn’t)
  • Once someone signs up for your feed they tend to stay signed up for a long time
  • It can get your posts right into iGoogle desktops and other places online
  • Professionals who share a lot of online information with their own client base tend to use RSS to collect articles and posts to reshare. (Content curators in your local market.)
  • It’s easy to setup, get going, and it is free so why not?

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find out what your current feed address is. You’ll need to put it into Feedburner in the next step. In my case it is http://www.realestatemarketinghq.com/feed/ which is typical for most WordPress sites. You might have to contact tech support to ask if you are using a site produced by your franchisor or crm vendor.
  2. Go to the Feedburner Site and sign in using your google account.
  3. Put your feed address in the box and click on Next. (Don’t worry about checking the podcaster box.)
  4. Make sure you like the title for your feed. I would recommend using Your Site: Town Real Estate. (For example: Rocking Brokerage: Salt Lake City Real Estate)
  5. Copy the Feed Address so that you can update any feed links on your website.
  6. Your feed is created! The next page typically tells you it is too soon for stats yet. That’s OK. Just click on the Optimize tab.
  7. There is a long list of available services. You click once on the service to choose it and then click in the message that appears to activate it. I recommend activating:
    1. – SmartFeed – Makes your feed fit a wider range of RSS readers
    2. – FeedFlare – Adds links under each post in your feed for your prospects to share your articles and posts. Check the boxes for any you want. (The checkboxes under site are for if you choose to add a widget to your site showing your feed posts. I don’t bother since it seems redundant to me.) When you’ve checked the options you want remember to click activate at the bottom of the screen.
    3. – Feed Image Burner – Some RSS readers will show your logo. You can add it here. You can’t upload the logo to feedburner as a file so you have to paste in the url to it on your website.

      Screenshot from Optimize Tab in FeedBurner

      I highlighted the recommended services in red.

  8. Under “Publicize” activate PingShot. It just helps get your updates out everywhere as fast as possible.

    Screenshot of Publicize Tab in FeedBurner

    Recommended service highlighted in red

You’re Done! Feedburner has now made your feed way more awesome than it was. Now just let it roll!

Want to see what it does when you are all done? Check out the RSS Feed for Real Estate Marketing HQ. Pretty cool eh? If you run into any trouble just let me know!

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